I consider myself to be a pretty organized person.  After looking at this list (if I'm being honest) only 8 of these are true for me. I guess that makes me...mildly organized...some of the time.

Sarah Klein (Huffington Post) spoke to Annette Reyman, president of the greater Philadelphia chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers and shares 14 common habits of ultra-organized people. 

Are you...

An Ultra-Organized Person- 14 Signs

1. Organized people are goal-oriented.

2. They're optimistic.

3. They're conscientious.

4. They may not always be open to new ideas.

5. They're decision makers.

6. They let go of perfectionism.

7. They capture, calendar and contain.

8. They check in with their lists.

9. They have a do-it-now attitude.

10. They prepare.

11. They ask for help.

12. They uni-task.

13. They know when they do their best work.

14. They de-stress.

Click here to read a more in-depth description for each habit of ultra-organized people.

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