It's Valentine's Week!  I like this list because they're simple and many are free!

14 Little Ways To Make Your Spouse's Day

1) In the winter, start the car while your spouse is getting ready for work.

2) Kiss first thing in the morning before you even get out of bed. 

3) Greet your husband or wife at the front door as soon as he or she gets home from work -- or anywhere.

4) Hide little gifts around the house. 

5) Carry the laundry baskets to and from the laundry room.

6) Text each other from work in the morning just to say "I love you" and "Have a great day".

7) Stock the fridge with your spouse's favorite food or drink.

8) Bring your love breakfast in bed. 

9) Make the coffee in the morning. 

10) Have an early morning cuddle session. 

11) Put a sweet Post-it note in your spouse's lunch box. 

12) Write a cute message in dry erase marker on the bathroom mirror. 

13) If you have small kids, get up first and change the baby's morning diaper.

14) Make dinner and do the dishes.

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