The weekend is here!  As we (hopefully) plan for some fun, social experiences, here are a few phone habits to leave home...

16 Phone Habits That Drive Us Absolutely Bonkers


1. You leave your phone on the table during dinner and check it constantly.

2. You break out in fits of rage while you're playing Flappy Bird (or Candy Crush, or Words With Friends...)

3. You talk on your phone on the bus, in the bathroom, on the train...

4. You're pretending to check the time on your phone, but really the "time" is "Facebook."

5. You're walking down the street talking to yourself chatting on Bluetooth, and you look at everyone like they're weird when they start to respond.

6. "Waaaaaait, take it with MY phone!"

7. You send multiple texts in a row knowing you won't get a response right away.

8. You abuse your group-texting privileges.

9. You wave your phone in the air in the middle of dinner to Shazam a song...or worse, to "get better service."

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