Since I've never been pregnant- I had call my sister to make sure the following are indeed '19 Things You Should Never Say To Your Partner When She’s Pregnant'- Stephanie (who's pregnant as I type) assured me, "They are."

1. “Whoa! Are you eating again?”

2. “This beer is so refreshing! Man, it sure does hit the spot!”

3. “Geez, the house sure is messy.”

4. “The color of the nursery? Eh, I don’t care. Whatever you want.”

5. “You want to discuss baby names again?”

6. “Why do we have to keep shopping for baby clothes?”

7. “Hurry up!”

8. “Are you seriously crying over this?”

9. “Sorry, hon, the store didn’t have any banana cream pies so I got you a banana.”

10. “I flipped through the baby books this morning so I’m good to go with this parenting thing.”

11. “The baby won’t be here for months. There’s no need to clean out the spare room just yet.”

12. “This pregnancy is hard on me too.”

13. “Wow! Beyoncé had a baby but you’d never know it. She looks ah-mazing!

14. “You don’t need me at the doctor’s appointment, right?”

15. “You need to calm down.”

16. “You sure are tired a lot lately.”

17. “Every pregnant woman freaks out a bit, but it’s nothing to worry about. You’re fine.”

18. “Where’s my back rub?”

19. “I bet I’d be good at being pregnant.”

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