This was written by Mina Khan of it's very thoughtful and full of good advice...

One of the many great things about growing up!

20 Things I’ve Learned In 20 Years

1. Finding things you love doing is a very special process.

2. Waking up early is the best thing ever. 

3. Mostly likely the things you plan on don’t actually happen. 

4. It’s okay to sleep at 8 am and wake up at 6 pm. 

5. People don’t owe you anything. 

6. Kindness is probably the only thing that can actually bring change. 

7. You can never have enough books, shoes, scented candles, or earrings. 

8. Before deciding on wearing a long skirt, check the weather.

9. Unless it’s self-degrading/unhealthy for you, you should welcome all the phases in your life. 

10. If you are tired of having the same kind of friends, you should join weird clubs. 

11. This does not apply to those studying Art. 

12. I have noticed that the person you are criticizing is almost always aware of his/her own demons. 

13. You should never turn yourself into a victim. 14. The strongest people I have met are the ones who are both kind and ruthless. 

15. There’s a difference between holding someone responsible for their ignorance, and constantly bringing up the ignorant things they said years ago. The latter is you being an ass.

16. There’s also a difference between not having on opinion on something because you have done extensive research on all the possible arguments and have thought about it a lot and are still unsure, and not having an opinion because you are too lazy to think about anything substantial. The latter is ignorance. 

17. While it is important to not stay stuck in the past, you should always remember why you started and where you’re coming from. 

18. As I progress in college, I have encountered two kinds of people. People who are ambitious like no one’s business and people who are okay with mediocrity. The latter are in abundance. The latter are also the ones I want to avoid and avoid being one of them. 

19. Hard work pays off. Always. 

20. And finally, “No matter how you feel… Get up. Dress up. Show up. And never give up.”

To read the full explanations behind each point (totally worth it) click here to read the article.