Feel free to add or disagree with this list- I found it on Yahoo and as I type- I'm wearing sweatpants (see #12)...

20 Ways To Be A Better Spouse

1. Unplug

2. Hang out with friends

3. Listen actively

4. Respect the in-laws

5. Take care of your health

6. Be nice

7. Talk about money

8. Embrace your partner’s interests

9. Stop procrastinating

10. Apologize, sincerely

11. Respect 'me' time

12. Nix the sweatpants

13. Share the spotlight

14. Avoid a rut

15. Have his back

16. Kiss 'hello' & 'good bye'

17. Pick up the slack

18. Communicate honestly

19. Grow together

20. Stay true to yourself

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