More than likely, these won't all apply to you. BUT- if you spent some of your financial aid on anything other than school- I bet you'll relate to a couple of them...


25 Things You Regret Spending Your Financial Aid Money On

1. All those terrible dorm room decorations that you’ll literally never use again.

2. All those handles of Burnett’s vodka.

3. All that gas from driving your entire hall around freshman year because you were the only one with a car.

4. That awesome beer pong table.

5. That tanning salon membership.

6. All that protein powder.

7. That impulse tattoo.

8. All those late-night Taco Bell runs.

9. All those Ugg and legging combinations you thought were trendy.

10. All those noise violation tickets because you lived next to a family. All those noise violation tickets because you lived next to a family.

11. All those fraternity and sorority formals you don’t even remember.

12. That terrible, ungrateful little brother/sister you were assigned to in your greek organization.

13. That Starbucks venti coffee you had to have every morning because of your 8 A.M.

14. All those matching uniforms for your failed intramural sports team.

15. All that NyQuil you abused because you had loud roommates.

16. All those dinner and a movie dates because you were told you’d find the one in college.

17. All those hair appointments so you could find a new hairstyle to reinvent yourself with during your mid-college crisis.

18. Those bad hair extensions after you thought you could pull off a pixie cut.

19. All those pay-to-park meters on campus because you wanted to snooze.

20. That on-campus parking permit because the bus system confused you.

21. All those drinks you bought for random girls at bars.

22. All those themed party outfits.

23. That graduation ring.

24. All that Franzia you bought after you found out you were cheated on.

25. But most notably, all those textbooks.

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