34 Things You Never Knew About Leonardo DiCaprio

1. A Russian millionaire paid $1.5 million to go on a space trip with Leo.

2. In 2009, Leo and Kate Winslet helped pay nursing home fees for the last living Titanic survivor so she wouldn’t have to sell her mementos.

3. He can speak fluent German.

4. Leo was offered the role of Patrick Bateman inAmerican Psycho but didn’t take it because all of his fans were teenage girls at the time.

5. He’s named Leonardo because his pregnant mother was in a museum in Italy looking at a Leonardo da Vinci painting when he first kicked.

6. Leo owns a giant pet tortoise.

7. He is “hooked on” colonics.

8. In 2011, he bought a Salvador Dali painting for $1.2 million. At that same auction he was bidding on Picassos but apparently really wanted the Dali.

9. Leo’s first agent wanted to change his name to Lenny Williams because he thought his name sounded too ethnic.

10. Leo owns his own fair-trade coffee company.

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Photo courtesy of Getty Images