We all know we should be saving and budgeting our money. It's easier for some than others.  I found this interesting blog from credit.com that puts Americans into 4 groups when it comes to how we deal with money.  I think I fall in "The Dreamer" category- what about you?

1. The Perfectionists — (Comprehensive Planners) 19% of Americans

-These consumers know the exact route to their financial goals.

2. The Dreamers — (Basic Planners) 38% of Americans

-They have some goals worked out and have an idea of what they’d like to achieve — they just haven’t yet worked out all the details.

3. The Procrastinators — (Limited Planners) 33% of Americans

-These consumers put forth the bare minimum and might get to the rest of planning later. 

4. The Wanderers — (Non-Planners) 10% of Americans

-In this group, consumers just kind of float from bill to bill without any strategic approach to money management.

Click here to read the full article and find out more details about each money mindset.