I saw this article and thought- EVERYBODY'S got at least one thing they REALLY wanted as a kid or teen BUT their parents wouldn't buy it for them (for whatever reason).  c  Whether it was a toy or an article of clothing- name yours!

For me:

1. Girbaud jeans

2. A Power Wheels (I think that's what they were called.  They were small cars that a kid could actually drive!!)

3. A Trampoline (in fairness to my parents- my sister and I begged for so long- they eventually caved but when we started setting up- we realized it wouldn't fit and had to return it. Worst-day-ever.

Here's Buzzfeed's list of '47 Things You're Still Kind of Mad Your Parents Wouldn't Buy You...

1. A Slip ‘N Slide.

2. Mr Frosty ice crunchie maker.

3. Dream Phone.

4. A fireman’s pole.

5. A worm farm.

6. A go kart.

7. Fizzy drinks.

8. A Sodastream.

9. Flashing trainers.

10. A Tamagotchi.

Click here to see the full list.


Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed