Not only are the following questions illegal to ask during an interview but you should also be aware of loaded questions where the interviewer has a hidden agenda.

Charles A. Krugel, an HR attorney. “Protected classes typically include race, gender, nationality, religion, military status and age (40 and up). Usually, such questions are intended to identify those class members. More often than not, it's ‘loaded’ questions that are asked, or those where it's fairly obvious that the asker has a hidden agenda and the question has little to do with the job's essential duties.” (

5 Job Interview Questions that Are Illegal to Ask

1. Who will take care of your children while you’re at work?

2. How did you get that scar/mark/other physical abnormality?

3. How often are you deployed for your Army Reserve training exercises?

4. When are you planning on having children?

5. Have you ever been arrested? 

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