I've been upgraded to first class 3 times- I know- pretty freaking lucky!  For Jeff and I, it all started with us celebrating our anniversary and the guy who checked us in having the same birthday as me.  Believe it or not, that little similarity (and me remembering it) has led to 2 of the 3 upgrades.

5 tips for getting upgraded

1. Act the part- Want to fly first class? Be a first-class act. A smile and a kind word go a long way.

2. Look the part- When it comes to upgrades, the way you dress can lead to success. 

3. Time the part- While many flights are stuffed to the gills, there are still days and times when empty seats can be found.

4. Be part of a plan- Having a frequent-flier membership can earn you more than just free flights on your airline of choice.

5. Pay for part- If you're willing to cough up a bit of cash, or use your frequent-flier miles, you also may be able to get upgrades at cut-rate prices.

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