Just saw a video from PEOPLE with tips for dressing to look slimmer and flatter your figure- they were pretty good!  

Here's what they recommend...

1. Wear skinny heels instead of chunky heels.  If the shoes match your skin as well- it will elongate your leg even more.

2. Add a belt to define your waist.

3. Invest in a good blazer with narrow lapels and a straight, snug silhouette. 

4. Balance your look.  If you're wearing something baggy on top, wear something fitted on bottom. If you're wearing a flared skirt, team it with a fitted top.

5. Choose an interesting neckline.

Bonus Tip!

Buy an elusion dress. It's a sheath with contrasting panels of fabric on the sides that instantly make you look slimmer and create a great silhouette. 

The video itself is a little cheesy but if you want to see the looks that go with the tips, click here.


Photo courtesy of Getty Images