Sleep has long been thought of as a way to process, sort and store the day's events, and more and more research is supporting that notion. 

But there's plenty about dreaming we only think we know. Below, a few of the little-known facts and bogus myths about dreams. (Huffington Post)

9 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Dreaming

1. We dream all night long.

2. Insects and fish don't have REM sleep.

3. You're less likely to remember a dream if your alarm jolts you awake.

4. People who remember their dreams show different brain activity.

5. Your body reacts to dreams as it would if you were awake.

6. We dream in real time.

7. Nightmares aren't always about fear.

8. Your dreams aren't weird, that is, until you call them weird.

9. You can die in your dreams -- and live to tell the tale.

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