If you've been reading my posts the last few days- you may have noticed that this is my 2nd entry about getting-rid-of-the-clutter" this week.  (37 Things In Your Home To Get Rid Of Right Now) was posted Tuesday, in case you missed it.

I can't help myself.  Cabin fever has set in and I'm feeling inspired to get rid of the extra crap (and dog hair, which seems to be a tougher task) around our house.

Today's offering, from Lindsay Schauer from the Huffington Post-

De-Clutter Now: 8 Things You Can Live Without

1) Memorabilia

2) T-shirts

3) CDs and DVDs

4) Books

5) Sporting equipment

6) Bags and baggage

7) Kitchen gadgets

8) Things that are neither useful, nor beautiful

Is there anything on this list that you absolutely couldn't part with?  Anything you'd add?

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Huffington Post