HuffPost Entertainment talked to Brian and Tyler- better known as Florida Georgia Line- about a their career, collaboration possibilities and the next album.

When asked about the influence "Cruise" had when it comes to changing the way people look at country music, they had this to say...

"It's crazy to be on this ride that we've been on and that we're currently on. We just honestly wanted to write songs and never knew how big it could be. Changing country music history, it's very, very humbling. We could talk about Florida Georgia Line all day, but the coolest thing for Tyler and I is that country music in general is on fire and there are so many other great artists that I think we've all beat down a big ole door for -- just like Jason Aldean has done and Alabama did. For us, it's just humbling to be with a great mix of artists and be on the radio ... its the coolest thing in the world." (Huffington Post)

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Photo courtesy of Getty Images