I was a little late to the 'Lost' party but watched the entire series eventually and- for the most part- really enjoyed it.  However, there were several questions I had after the finale.  If you felt the same way- this may help...

To honor the ten-year anniversary of the "Lost" premiere, the Paley Center for Media hosted a panel with the cast and crew Sunday night. 

Here are highlights from the panel:

1. Were they dead the entire time?


"No. They were not dead the entire time," Cuse said. 

2. When they knew "Lost" was going to be big:

Holloway recalled that he went to a supermarket after the gym, and was "sweaty and gross" (cue audience sighs). A couple of girls approached him, he said, "and were like, 'Ewww.'" That's when he knew he was famous.

3. The stuff they stole from set:

*The hatch's cover.

*The countdown clock from the hatch.

*Hurley's paintings from the mental institution. 

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Photo courtesy of Getty Images