Maybe I'm late to the party on this one but yesterday on Facebook I came across a post for 'oil pulling'. Never heard of it, so I clicked on the link...

Oil pulling consists not so much of pulling but of swishing, whereby one rinses one's mouth with a natural oil like sesame oil, sunflower oil or coconut oil in the manner of a mouthwash.

Secondly, it's supposed to have amazing benefits including whitening teeth, clearing up acne and imparting a glow to one's complexion. And oil isn't something we imagined being able to do all those things. (Huffington Post)

I tried it.  Using coconut oil, I swished while I showered and surprisingly my mouth didn't feel oily afterwards but strangely clean and disinfected.  As to the other benefits- I'll have to keep it up and let you know.  I'm going to do it again this morning.

My questions for you:

Do you oil pull?  If you've been doing it regularly, have you noticed any changes?

If you haven't done it before- are you going to give it a try?  I figured it can't hurt.  If you give it a go- let me know what you think.

Click here for the full article and a video demonstration. 

Huffington Post

Photo courtesy of Getty Images