I just booked our vacation and didn't get as good a deal as I'd hoped.  Wishing I'd come across this article first...

7 Wallet-Killing Expenses That Sneak Up On You

1. Comparison Shopping Without clearing your browser's cache.  Some companies use cookies to track your visits, so your airfare (or hotel or rental car bids) could go up with each additional search.

2. Turning right when you enter a store.

3. Filling the Pantry with Redesigned Goods (but Not Redesigning Your Usage)

4. Turning on the Lights... Just as Often as You Usually Do

5. Taking Triple-Digit Lunch Breaks

6. Keeping Up With the Joneses'...Tooth Fairy

7. Springing for the Candle, Just to Score This Perk

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Huffington Post

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