Are you a chronic over-user?  From spaghetti to body wash- Here's 'How Much To Use of Everything'...


Serving size: A dime for hair above the ears, a quarter for shoulder-length 

Life of a bottle: 75 to 100 uses in a 25-fluid ounce (fl. oz.) bottle 



Serving Size: A bean (That's for men's hair)

Body Wash

Serving size: A quarter 

Life of a bottle: 40 to 50 uses in a 13-fl. oz. bottle 


Serving size: One pea 

Life of a tube: 70 to 90 uses in a 3-oz. tube 

Laundry Detergent

Serving size: Two shot glasses 

Life of a bottle: 50 uses in a 100-fl. oz. bottle 


Serving size: A quarter-sized bundle of dry pasta 

Olive Oil

Serving size: A quarter to a golf ball 

Peanut Butter

Serving size: A healthy spoonful 

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