I can't imagine there's a single woman reading this (and occasionally wears heels) who hasn't had a bad experience with them.  

I keep wondering...When will I learn my lesson?  

The scenario I'm referring to (and find myself in all to often)- There's a dressy event, I buy a pair of heels that feel comfy (while I have them on in the store for 30 seconds) only to spend the entire evening in pain because my freaking shoes are killing my feet!

Here's some expert advice from MSN Living on how to fix uncomfortable shoes.

How to make your high heels comfortable...

1. Try heels on at night.  Your feet tend to swell by the end of the day- that's when you should shoe shop. If walking is uncomfortable in the shoe store, they’re a lost cause.

2. Create some space. A cobbler can stretch the heel area to create more length, so your foot slides in and your toes aren’t as pinched. 

3. Get a grip. When there’s a little bit of rubbing in the heels, it’s usually because the shoes are loose. Heel grips can help.

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