I'm posting these and would really like to know if there's a Midwestern among us who's heard/who knows all 14 of these.  I'm a born and raised Minnesotan at least four sayings on the list are new to me...


14 Midwestern Sayings That The Rest Of America Can't Understand

1. "If I had my druthers..."

2. "Oh, for cute!" or "Oh, for fun!"

3. "For cryin' out loud."

4. "That makes as much sense as government cheese."

5. "He's schnookered!"

6. "The Frozen Chosen."

7. "Slow as molasses in January."

8. "Duck Duck Gray Duck"

9. "He's got the holler tail."

10. "Puthergoin-eh!"

11. "Tough tomatoes!"

12. "You betcha!"

13. "Dontcha know."

14. "Uff Da!"

Not sure what some of these mean?  Click here to see the explanations and definitions in the article featured by Business Insider India.