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Interesting: 10 Facts About Wages

Interesting: 10 Facts About Wages
Posted April 3rd, 2014 @ 4:40am by Did you know that Orthodontists earn more than CEOs? See the other 10 facts about wages...

How much do certain professions pay? How do those numbers stack up against the national average? Some numbers were released Tuesday by the Labor Department- here are some of their findings...

10 Facts About Wages

1. The median pay for an athlete or sports competitor is $39,050

2. One out of every 17 jobs in America is held by a retail salesperson or a cashier. 

3. Anesthesiologists make the highest average salary of any profession: $235,070 a year.

4. The average annual pay of a nonfarm animal caretaker ($22,510) exceeds that of a child-care worker ($21,490).
5. Of the 10 largest occupations, only registered nurses — with an average annual salary of $68,910 — earn more than the national average for all occupations ($46,440).
6. Both athletic trainers and service-unit operators in the oil, gas and mining industry are precisely at the median annual salary for all U.S. occupations: $42,790.
7. The job with the lowest average hourly pay is a fast-food cook, at $9.07. 
8.  Operators of nuclear-power reactors earn an average of $78,410 annually. That’s less than real-estate brokers ($82,380) and funeral-service managers ($80,250).
9. The U.S. boasts 4.6 public-relations specialists for every reporter or correspondent. 
10. The median annual salary for economists is $93,070.

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