International Falls (my hometown) has seen its second-wettest start to June since record-keeping began in 1895. This is a picture of our dock on Rainy Lake...

Every summer, my family moves up to the cabin and lives on Stop Island on Rainy Lake for 3 months. When I was growing up, we were care-takers for a few homes in the winter and would live in one during the winter months. The cabin was our only home.  If that was still the case, we'd be in trouble this year because my family had to move back to the mainland yesterday. 

There are families in The Falls in much worse shape than mine. They're sandbagging and trying to keep their homes dry.  

We are lucky. A couple years ago- my Mom and stepdad bought a home of their own in I. Falls (that's no where near the flooding) so at least we have a place to move back to.

There's a permanent dock and because the water is so high- it's not safe to keep the boats tied up to it.  The dock and boats could lift up and float away. 

When I go home in a few weeks for the 4th of July- for the first time in my life- I won't be staying at our cabin on Rainy.  It's sad but at least we'll all be together and the actual cabin's on high ground.  For everyone else who's not so fortunate- I hope your homes are safe. I know there are many people working hard to keep the water at bay. 

Click here to see the story and picture from the Duluth News Tribune. 

Rainy River boat landing