Until this weekend, I'd never had a Mojito that knocked my socks off. I like a hint of mint- for that reason- it's a beverage I usually avoid. When my friend, Alyssa, made Mojitos Friday- using not only mint from her garden and a simple syrup she'd made- but an extra dose of lime juice too- I knew this Mojito would be Marvelous...

Recipe: Alyssa's Marvelous Mojitos 

8-9 mint leaves muddled in a cocktail shaker

Add ice, 2 oz clear rum, 3/4 oz lime juice, 1 oz *simple syrup to cocktail shaker...and shake.

Pour above ingredients into ice-filled glass and add 1 oz club soda and mint leaves to garnish.


*To Make Simple syrup- equal parts sugar and water heated until dissolved then cooled).