I can't wait to try several of these around our place.  Some interesting fixes...

Surprising Double-Duty Uses for Household Items You've Been Underestimating

1. Dryer Sheets- Tuck dryer sheets between couch cushions, in the soles of your shoes and any other fabric-covered problem areas to deodorize undesirable smells in a pinch.

2. Banana Peels- Just like lemons, these pieces of produce are not only delicious and full of essential vitamins; they're versatile as heck. Blend leftover peels with water to create a paste, and then rub this "banana polish" on mildly tarnished pieces of silverware using a soft cloth. 

3. Mayonnaise- When it comes to removing water rings from wooden furniture, Jonathan Burden, owner of the eponymous furniture restoration company, swears by mayonnaise. Wrap a rag around your finger, then "put a little bit of Hellmann's on top of that, and gently massage it into the ring. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, it will reverse that white ring." For particular stubborn stains, let the mayo sit for two hours, reapplying intermittently. 

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