Can you believe that 53% of women who were recently polled admitted they'd change something about their proposal?  Seems sad.  

Jeff asked me to marry him when I was changing the lightbulb over the stove in my apartment- wouldn't change a thing about it. (I saved the old lightbulb, made it into a Christmas ornament and gave it to him as a gift. My favorite ornament on our tree!)

Back to the survey...David’s Bridal conducted a survey to find out how women really felt about their proposal. Out of 500 recently engaged or recently married U.S. women, 53% said they were not entirely happy with their engagements.

Here's how the numbers break down...

*22 percent would change the location
*20 percent wished the proposal speech was different
*14 percent would change something about their engagement ring
*14 percent would have preferred that different people were present for their proposal
*10 percent wanted to alter the date of the engagement
*3 percent would change something other than the above

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