Have you ever done a staycation?  I mean gone ALL THE WAY with it? Rent a hotel, eat in restaurants and visit all the places you never go to even though you live here? I've always wanted to and if I'm being honest- the reason I haven't is because I'm too cheap.  Even as I wrote that I said aloud, "that's ridiculous!" I think it's time for my first staycation- how about you?

If you've done it- I have a few questions:

What did you do?

What would you recommend?

What would you skip?

According to MSN.com, here are the 5 best and worst places for a staycation...

The top five cities:
1. Buffalo, NY
2. Minneapolis, MN
3. Cincinnati, OH
4. Pittsburgh, PA
5. Portland, OR

And the bottom five:
96. Fresno, CA
97. Anaheim, CA
98. Laredo, TX
99. Fremont, CA
100. Chula Vista, CA

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