When I saw the title- "Who is the highest paid retired NFL player?" I thought I knew who it was for sure- Michael Strahan. The guy's on 'Live with Kelly and Michael' and he's a major NFL correspondant.  I was very wrong.

The highest paid retired NFL player?? 

Roger Staubach. He played for the Cowboys. Where's all the money coming from?

According to Forbes, Staubach started a real estate company in 1977 as his Cowboys career was coming to an end. He owned 12 percent of the company when he sold it to Jones Lang Lasalle in 2008. The multi-year payout totaled $640 million. The 72-year-old put half of his share into a trust for his children, Forbes said, and the last payout from the sale was last year. (Yahoo.com)

Photo courtesy of Getty Images