Keep the sunscreen, eat vegetables and expensive creams (more than likely) aren't worth it.  That's what I got from this article.  Here are the highlights...

Check out these little-known truths about wrinkles:

*Those pricey creams in your medicine cabinet are mostly hype. 

*If it's bad for your waist, it's bad for your face. 

*You can't just curse genetics.

* There isn't really extensive evidence to show guzzling more water than you need will have any anti-aging effects.  However, "dermatologists do say it is important to stay hydrated, otherwise you could have sunken in eyes, and your skin will lose some elasticity. But drinking more water beyond the recommended amount, won't magically erase your wrinkles." (Huffington Post)

*You might want to flip over. Night after night of sleeping with your face planted in your pillow could lead to permanent wrinkling.

*Load up on fruits and veggies. The virtues of vitamins and minerals in a well balanced diet have been proven.

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Huffington Post

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