When I saw this headline, my first thought was, "I have to know at least one baby girl with a name on this list."  I did- my niece's name is  Josephine (#19) Jean!

Although I don't know of any other babies with names from this list, there are many I adore and hope they don't go away.  Are these female names going to be extinct?  Do you know a baby with one of these names?

1. Blanche

2. Myrtle

3. Ethel

4. Barbara

5. Mildred

6. Agatha

7. Phyllis

8. Beatrice

9. Marge

10. Ruth

11. Gretchen

12. Gertrude

13. Martha

14. Opal

15. Rose

16. Eleanor

17. Marlene

18. Gladys

19. Josephine

20. Ilene

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