I have one of the items on this list and don't plan on getting rid of my "That's What She Said" pillow any time soon.  My sister gave it to me for my birthday a few years ago and I love it. Thought these were interesting but let's be serious- live and let live- have whatever you want in your home. Happy Friday!

According to Redbook, here are the things you should never have in your home or apartment after the age of 30:

  • A Futon: Hands down the most uncomfortable piece of furniture ever invented. It wasn't comfortable when you were 20, but you needed somewhere to sit and you had no money. 
  • Posters taped to the wall: If you have a favorite poster, frame it. That's the grown-up way to do wall hangings.
  • Florescent floor lamps: The ugliest and most unflattering lighting. Just because it still works and you've had it since college doesn't mean you need to keep it!
  • Plastic dishware and cups: No need for them unless you are having an outdoor picnic or BBQ.
  • Picture frames that say "Best Friends" or other kitchy sayings: Think classy and sophisticated instead of teenage bedroom.
  • Fake plants and trees: It's not an office building – it's your home. Buy some real plants! (Redbook)