The networks have made there announcements- which shows will be picked up for another season and which shows are being cancelled. 

We're still watching 'Nashville' and loving every night-time-soap-opera minute of it! Did it get picked up for another season?...


ABC’s Nashville has been renewed for a 22-episode third season, but its fate as a local Music City production is up in the air. Executives have allegedly explored the option of moving the production to other states, scouting locations in Texas and Georgia. The drama’s first two seasons have been shot exclusively in and around Music City, but the show’s future in Nashville depends on economic incentives from the state and local government. For season two, the state contributed $12.5 million, Metro gave $500,000 and the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp. added $125,000.

The second season finale airs Wednesday at 9 p.m.central.

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