Dogs' noses are thousands of times more sensitive than ours, but what scent will get your dog the most excited?

A team of scientists have conducted the first brain-imaging study of dogs responding to biological odors. 

According to an article on, here's how the experiment was done:

"The experiment involved 12 dogs of various breeds that had been trained to enter an MRI scanner while awake and unrestrained.

As their brains were scanned, the dogs were presented with five different scents on gauze pads. The scent samples came from the subject dog, a dog the subject hadn't met, a dog that lived in the same household, a human the subject had never met, and a human that lived in the dog's household.

All five scents elicited a similar response in the parts of dogs' brains involved in detecting smells."

However, the strongest response- The scent of the human that lived in the dog's household.

Our pet's know and love our smell was essentially the study's conclusion.

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