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Donna Valentine

10 things you may not know about me:
1. I've been at K102 for 20 freakin' years and have now worked every air shift here with the exception of overnights.
2. I was hit by a POLICE car at age 13, while riding on the back of a moped and spent 3 months in the hospital in traction.
3. My sisters call me Kooga Mouga (or "Mouga" for short)
4. I was born and raised in NJ and also lived in Georgia and Texas (but I call Minnesota "home"). I have ZERO family here.
5. My mom has Parkinson's Disease (among other health issues), and is in Assisted Living, which I rarely talk about, but I worry about her every day.
6. I love goats.
7. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Speech and Theater Arts (with a concentration in Broadcasting)
8. I have Associate Producer credits on two episodes of a former VH-1 program, having freelanced for MTV Networks after college. I also did free lance work for ABC News and ABC Sports while in college. I've worked backstage at the Grammys, The Tonys, and the International Rock Awards.
9. My favorite cities are New York, Minneapolis/St Paul, Nashville, and Cozumel Mexico.
10. When I was in H.S., I had a ferret named Ozzy who had free reign of the house. He liked to steal things and hide them. One day when my father's boss was over, he ran past us in the kitchen with a giant Kotex in his mouth. Uncomfortable, to say the LEAST.

About Donna:
Things I "Heart": iHeartRadio of course, Country music, my listeners, my job, my coworkers, my family, my friends, my scruffy old dog (who's terrified of thunder, rips apart my house on a regular basis in my absence and is currently on Prozac). I also love fashion, make up, shopping, decorating, traveling, reality TV, stand-up comedy, sarcasm, laughter, movies, my house, my cabin, cheap wine from a red solo cup. Life is Good!

Things that "bug": Anything slow: computers, automated phone systems, conversations, restaurant service, drivers. (OK, so I’m a bit impatient-it's even bugging me how long it’s taking me to write this). I also don't like when people are late, nor those lacking manners in general. Also bothersome to me is snoring, burping, interrupting, big egos, sexism, French manicures on toes (what is that even about?), mom jeans, jeans with too much stretch (or not enough), Crocs, cancellations, ticks, mosquitoes, mice, snakes, frogs, bees, flies, bats (basically most creatures that live outdoors).

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