Zac Brown Band is working on a new record, The Grohl Sessions Vol. 1, and it's not like anything on-air right now. The band is recording the album at Southern Ground Studios in Nashville, and they aren't using any computers or auto tuning. All of the harmonies on the record are done live around one microphone, how cool is that?!

It's a real and authentic style of country music, and the best part of the whole record is that EC--the music GOD--helped write their new single ("All Right") and other tracks on the album!! And we all know how much I love Eric Church, so obviously it's going to fricken awesome!

I'm not much of a ZBB fan, but after watching this I think I might become one. Especially knowing that EC is helping them out. This could be real cool. 

What do you guys think? Good stuff, or not really? Post your comments below in the comments section.