It's no secret that Luke Bryan is my favorite artist and I could go on all day with reasons to love him. The Frisky came up with 14 reasons to love him, here are some of those reasons!

1. He's one of the "cool kids" in country music, he's always hanging around with Blake Shelton and one of my other favorites, Jason Aldean!

2. He's not afraid to be a goof ball. From his goofy (hot) dancing on stage to his cheesy jokes, he does it with confidence!

3. He has the BEST smile!

4. He's so good with kids, especially the little ones!

5. He's not afraid to show his sensitive side, like when he won entertainer of the year at the ACM's last year.

6. His backside... and his hip thrusting... How can we forget this:


See the whole list here!