Hi! I'm Katie, the new voice you can hear over the weekends on K102! Since I'm the new kid in school, I wanted to give you a few random facts about myself!

1. I have a 1-year old Yorkie mix named Mauer and we're best friends, see!

2. I've lost about 90lbs and I plan to keep going, watching what I eat and going to the gym has taken over my life! The picture below is from the 60lb mark!

3. the KING, George Strait was the first country singer I ever had a crush on!

4. I use to get in trouble in school for laughing, my laugh is loud and once I start, it's pretty hard for me to stop!

5. I'm 25 and I have only ever been to South Dakota, no other states. When I was in SD, it was for a job interview which I turned down and I was really minnesotan while I was there; I went to Kohls, Target and a coffee shop, boring, I know!


Again, I'm so excited to finally be apart of the family here at K102 and I can't wait to get to know you!