Being 25 and single, I've always dreaded the dating world, especially the first date! the thought of the awkward silence and all the questions scares me to pieces, here are a few tips I found on popular vibes to help us all get through the most awkward moments! 

1. Pick something you enjoy doing. 

          If there's an activity you enjoy doing, introduce your date to it and maybe you'll already have that in common! Finding things you enjoy doing together is important when deciding to continue on with the relationship! 

2. Be Affordable!

        You want someone who like you and not your money. This will also set the tone for future dates, if you spend a lot on the first date, then that implies that other dates will be just as pricey. Plus, the more simple dates tend to be the best!

3. Go somewhere you can talk.

        Obviously, going to the movies doesn't give you the chance to get to know eachother!

4. Don't to something involving a lot of alcohol

          For obvious reasons ;)

5. Have some quiet time away from tons of activity

    This way you have time to talk and actually get to know the other person.

6. No Group Dates!

   Yes, it's fun to go out as a group, but then it turns into more of a competition to get their attention. 


Get the full list here and happy dating!