I got a phone call from my Sister-in-Law today and I was so blown away by her latest hobby, I had to share this with you!  

To cure a bit of boredom, Jenny Pinkey started crafting handmade pieces of jewelry made entirely of recycled Aveda packaging, candle boxes and color tubes!  The end result is breathtaking!

Jenny graduated from the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis and now works for an Aveda salon in Minot, ND.

"I was bored one day and thought, how can I take this empty Avada bottle and turn it into something beautiful.  The end result left me thinking that these pieces are something special" said Jenny.

They are definitely something special. Plus, Jenny donates $1 of each item sold to the Audobon Clean Water Act for Aveda Earth Month 2015.

Check out some of the pieces she has made.

You can visit Jenny's store by clicking here:
Recycled Aveda Jewelry by JenLynPink on Etsy