put together an amazing list of the unofficial comfort foods of every state in America.

Surprise surprise, Minnesota chimes in with one of our specialties, the JUICY LUCY!  

(Photo credit: Amy James) describes the delcious treat like this:

"You know something is a comfort food when it is the most American of cheeses stuffed into the most American of burgers and griddled up so that it comes out as the most American of oozing messes. And though Matt’s Bar spells it one way, and 5-8 Club another, it always kind of comes out the best."

MMMMMMM!  Makes me hungry.  

And just for good measure, Wisconsin had an obvious choice for a comfort food...the Fried cheese curds!

"While the brat may be the most ubiquitous and famed of Wisconsin foodstuffs, we can't quite classify it as a comfort food; brats are for standing next to a truck tailgate in parking lots, which are not that comfortable. But fried cheese curds -- the notoriously squeaky cheese byproducts that've been breaded and flashed, and often get dipped in frighteningly creamy ranch -- seem systematically designed for the end of long days, following break-ups, and whenever else you just need things to feel like home. Nobody makes you eat broccoli rabe at home in Wisconsin."

Here’s a rundown of some of the other notable – or unusual – foods on the list:

Alabama – Pecan pie
Arizona – Chimichanga
California – Fish tacos
Delaware – Scrapple (a fried mix of pork, cornmeal, and flour)    
Florida – Key lime pie    
Illinois – Deep-dish pizza    
Kansas – Smoked sausages    
Louisiana – Gumbo    
Michigan – Coney dog (with all-meat chili sauce, mustard, and onions)  
Mississippi – Mississippi Mud Pie      
Nevada – Anything from a buffet  
New Jersey – Taylor Ham sandwich    
New York – Buffalo wings  
North Carolina – Barbecued pork sandwich    
Ohio – Pierogi (Polish dumplings)    
Oklahoma – Chicken-fried steak    
Pennsylvania – Cheesesteak    
South Carolina – Shrimp and grits        
Vermont – Ben & Jerry's ice cream    
Washington – Cedar plank salmon