The December Kindness Advent Calendar


Originally from Cincinnati, I started my radio life at Ohio University. I began to make connections with radio personalities until the doors opened for me to start my on air career. I joined the staff of WUBE and WYGY in Cincinnati, in 1994 and flew over the city doing airborne traffic reports until I was asked to be in studio with a new guy named Chris Carr, who was coming from Minneapolis to be the morning show host. That's when the market became alive again with his personality and a I began a six year run with the guy I now call my best friend. I know, "a little crazy", but he makes me laugh. The Chris Carr and Company show incorporated the audience as well as my wife Paula who, as she would say, was born in the country and doesn't make excuses for it. I have two in the family I call my inspiration. My adopted son Brad who now travels the world and a daughter who is still with her husband serving the country at Ft. Hood, Texas. Thank you for welcoming me to one of the best places in the world to be and for allowing me to call Minneapolis my new home.


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