Who knew Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could act? And pull off a role that you wouldn’t have pictured him in given the plot and the character’s nature. And I am surprised to say, I liked Snitch. It was well acted, had a great plot, and they kept the action sequences to just
enough. Never over the top, but still had enough to keep everyone interested.

In the fast moving, suspenseful thriller Snitch, Dwayne Johnson stars as John Matthews, a father whose eighteen year old son reluctantly allowed for his drug dealing friend to ship him a box of ecstasy.  The DEA catch the friend before he ships the drugs, who then puts all the blame on John’s son who is now looking at a mandatory minimum ten year prison sentence. The teenager refuses to snitch on anyone he knows and is willing to serve his time for his big error in judgment. But desperate to rescue his son, John makes a deal with the US attorney (played by Susan Sarandon) to work undercover to infiltrate a drug cartel in exchange for a lighter sentence. John owns a fleet of semis and turns to one of his employees, Daniel Cruz (Jonathon Bernthal) who is an ex-con for help. John does not tell Daniel why he wants his help, other than he wants to get into the drug running business and reluctantly (for $20,000) Daniel decides to get back into the life he thought he left behind.

John Matthews is not a superhero. He wasn’t in a four against one fight and came out unscathed, in fact quite the opposite.  During his first attempt at finding a drug dealer he is forced out of his truck, mugged and beaten to the ground. This isn’t the role you’d think to see “The Rock” in, he never uses his size to intimidate anyone, and he isn’t fighting anyone with his bare hands.  He is just a realistic portrayal of a father who left his first family, married a younger, hotter, wife and started his second family. His son still has some anger toward him and now he is trying to make up for that by getting him out of prison.  And shockingly (at least to me) Dwayne Johnson pulled it off with flying colors.

Snitch isn’t going to be a movie we talk about for months, or even weeks for that matter, but it was an entertaining one time viewing. I’d recommend this for a matinee if you have nothing better to do.

Rated PG-13

In theatres February 22nd

1 Hour, 35 Minutes