Carrie Underwood has been famous for almost 10 years while The Swon Brothers  are just now getting into the game.  But they have a history that goes back to their college days.

Zach Swon and Carrie were both in a country music theater class at Oklahoma's Northeastern State University.  Because it was at night, students were asked to take turns bringing food to share.

"The class was so small. There were probably only eight people in it," Swon says. He added, "Carrie worked at a place called Sam and Ella's Pizza, and it was awesome; it was right there by campus. So, every time it was her turn, that's what she would bring into the class."

And what did he bring to the class? 

"What I really got famous for was Arby's bags. I would literally just go and buy tons of roast beef and cheddar sandwiches."

You'll have to excuse me now as I go grab a pizza and some curly fries for lunch!


(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)