We (Donna and Amy) are taking a hiatus from our VIDEO pod-casting, as schedules have become a wee bit conflicted.  Yet, we thought it would be fun to share some of our ideas, experiences and opinions in a blog form that allows us to continue to relate our common interests and antics. Video will hopefully return in the near future.  Until then...

Meet our dogs!  

Tuffy (Amy's dog) and Max (mine) are both German Wire-haired Pointers who, together, we refer to as "frenemies".  While they are familiar with one another (I adopted Max via Amy's family), and tolerate the presence of one another, they tend to be a wee bit competitive- for attention, toys, swim races, fetch..you name it.

Also, they  tend to take on a bit of both our personalities, which we find funny.  Tuffy, like Amy, is super upbeat and fun, always looking for the next adventure, and usually multi-tasking.  Max, like me, is a little older (ahem, more mature), has the whole "been there/done that" vibe, is more laid back, doesn't want to stir up trouble, and suffers in silence...until he breaks and has an "episode".

Here's an introduction to who they are and why we love them:

Meet Tuffy:

Amy and her husband Jeff let me borrow him to overcome my fear of going to my cabin SOLO.  Ahem...on day one, he got stung by several bees, survived, and indeed DID help me!  He's a very funny dog, who I think looks a lot like Ronnie Dunn from Brooks and Dunn.  Am I wrong?  (See pic below..uncanny!)

 Meet Max:


Max has lots of issues, like separation anxiety and fear of thunder (it's why he's wearing his "thunder shirt"  in this pic).  

Now put them together & this is what happens: