Our good pal, Falen, has truly "fit in" at Clear Channel/ Minneapolis right from her debut on KDWB's morning show (both our rival and sister station, just a mere yards from K102's studios)

Since she's been in the building, we've shared many Happy Hours, brunches and even a trip to New Orleans together (Falen, Amy, 2 of their friends, and me, Donna)!

My favorite thing about her is a little taste of East Coast Home (even though she's not East Coast at all, but  a Midwest Hillbilly)---Her sarcasm, cutting humor and edgy personality completely resonates with me and reminds me of my family and friends back home in New Jersey and New York (again, Donna speaking).  

That's why when she brought me donuts in celebration of my 20th Anniversary at K102, I immediately called foul, and assumed they were "abandoned" donuts brought to KDWB's show by a questionable baker. I assumed they were either stale and/or unworthy of human consumption, or I was being set up for some juvenile KDWB on air "bit".  

Truth is, this sweetie read my Twitter and Facebook pages the night before and just wanted to do something nice.  Shame on me (though I sort of blame the old  "Boy who cried wolf" thing...or, ahem... maybe I'm just that jaded) 

See our (playful) text exchange below and a few photos from our New Orleans trip: