Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans In 5 Photos 5.26-5.28

Hello Weekend! I look forward to this weekend like all Minnesotan's cuz' the North has been calling my name since winter.  Austin and I headed to the cabin for a mini vacation that was just good for the soul. First matter of business, get that fishing boat in water. **Here fishy fishy fishy** 

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YES! These are lucky poles. Blessed with a fisherladys prayer to bring home the B.I.G. one. 

(Okay so I caught nothing but there is always next time right) 

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Austin's family pup LOVES to play in the water. She is the Queen B at the cabin. I crack myself up watching her jump off the dock and fly into the cold water only to do it all over again and again and again. I think she thinks she is a fish. #fetchitgirl 

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The bonfire was epic. Tried this new Tequila Beer- stings on that first sip just like I like. Nothing better than talking about life, playing DJ and dancing around the flames. Note to self: 

Don't let Austin's dad play the D.J. or you will hear REO Speedwagon all. night. long. 

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Skip the gram and the chocolate bar- HELLO HEAVEN! This is how we s'more. 

#goals: S'more Mallows. S'more Cookie. S'more weekends like these. 

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Don't forget what Memorial Day is all about. In honor of the fallen, CrossFit organizations around the U.S. do a workout in dedication to Lt. Michael Murphy who lost his life fighting for our freedom. This was his favorite workout. Every movement I did was in honor of him and all those that fight so I can live. 

 Finished in 48 min 02 seconds. Worth. The. Pain. 

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----Too cool-----

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