My Family's Summer Cocktail: Rhubarb Slush

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I mentioned this drink my family makes called 'Rhubarb Slush' on the air and promised to post the recipe. If you grow rhubarb, I highly recommend it!! 

Rhubarb Slush

*Wash and cut 1 Quart of rhubarb (do not peel)

*Add one Quart water.

Cook on stove until rhubarb is tender. Over the sink, run liquid through a colander. (You should end up with about 1 Quart of rhubarb liquid) Throw away the leftover rhubarb mush.

Add to rhubarb liquid:

1 1/2 CUPS Sugar

1/2 Cup Orang Juice

1/4 CUP Lemon Juice

Stir together and freeze.

To serve, scoop frozen rhubarb mixture into a glass, add vodka and top with ginger ale or 7UP.

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