Make People Like You With These 10 Harmless Mind Tricks

We can't be mind-readers, but there ARE ways we could improve our chances of "being liked." 

This article came across my LinkedIn feed yesterday. I thought it was pretty interesting and helpful. It listed 10 harmless mind tricks that make people like you. I've shared a few below. 

1.  When a group of people laughs, each member of the group can’t help but make eye contact with the person they feel closest to: It can tell you which members of your team are bonding and learning to trust one another. If they're looking at YOU, then you're liked and trusted.

2. Nodding your head during a conversation or when asking a question makes the other person more likely to agree with what you’re saying: The next time you need to win someone over to your way of thinking, try nodding your head as you speak. People unconsciously mirror the body language of those around them in order to better understand what other people are feeling. 

3. People’s feet reveal their interest: When talking to someone, pay attention to their feet. If their feet are aimed at you, they’re interested and listening to what you’re saying, but if their feet point away from you, they’re most likely disinterested and mentally checked out.

Click here to see the full list.

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