The 15 Most Banned Songs at a Wedding!

It seems, at every wedding, you can't avoid the "typical wedding song requests" made by your crazy relative, like playing "Freebird" or "Electric Slide." 

Turns out, hundreds of DJs answered the same survey and came up with  a list of the most commonly banned wedding songs and here are some of the top 15:

1. "Chicken Dance"

2. "Cha Cha Slide"

3. "Macarena"

4. "Cupid Shuffle"

5. "YMCA"

6. "Electric Slide"

7. Hokey Pokey

8. "Wobble"

9. "Happy"

10. "Shout"

To see the rest of the "most banned songs at a wedding" you can go HERE!

IMAGE: Getty

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